Pain Management Interventions

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The ASAP RTW Motivate Program


Incorporating the ASAP RTW Motivate Program (a coordinated psychological intervention) with the ASAP Work Recovery Activity Program 'trebuchet ms', geneva;">


The ASAP Pain Management Assessment - consists of a comprehensive psychological screening assessment by a registered clinical psychologist with specific experience in dealing with work related injuries. The Program RECOVERY and RTW goals are then developed in collaboration with the assessing physiotherapist with a strong outcome based focus.

The primary purpose of this assessment is to assist evaluate the impact of Psychological and Psychosocial factors, adverse mood states and maladaptive beliefs that may be affecting RTW, RECOVERY and the Work Activity program outcomes.


The ASAP RTW Motivate Program specifically targets motivation, pain education, improved coping and activity behavior modification strategies with a specific activity based and RTW focus.

The primarily aim of the RTW motivate program is to minimise the impact of psychological and psychosocial factors impacting recovery and RTW status and to overcome the problem of pain limiting activity.  Motivation is the key fatcor to achieving outcomes and our team work effectively towards formulating specifc and achievable goals to address the specific needs of the individual with an outome based focus.


The RTW motivate program is centrally coordinated with the behavior modification component delivered concurrently with the ASAP work recovery program.

The value-add of internal case conferencing (on a fortnightly basis), regular communication and consistent reporting to all key stakeholders is truly invaluable and unique to this program.


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