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At ASAP Psychology we believe that success and wellbeing come from achieving and maintaining emotional and life balance. Change and challenges will always occur and emotional struggle is a normal part of life and personal growth. Developing the skills and resources to manage these challenges is an essential and rewarding investment.

All Our Therapies Are:

Active and practical

We do more than just listen to your difficulties. Together with your therapist you will come to an understanding of your issues, what has caused them, and what is maintaining them. We will work on practical strategies and skills so you can overcome your difficulties, manage any recurrence and enhance your life.

Brief and effective

Treatment normally requires only 5 to 15 sessions, depending upon the complexity, nature and duration of your difficulties. We will often recommend exercises or provide reading material for you between sessions that will maximise your progress. All our treatments are evidence-based which means that they have been scientifically tested and found effective in treating a variety of difficulties.

Our Speciality in Chronic Pain Management:

Although acute pain is mostly physical in nature, chronic pain has a significant psychological component. The treatment of chronic pain should include both Physical and psychological interventions. Psychological treatment helps you to learn how to predict and manage the pain cycle, provides coping skills to minimize pain, and facilitates active involvement in positive life experiences.

At ASAP Psychology we only use evidence-based treatment therapies and always aim to meet your individual needs or preferences

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